Title Project Title Duration
PANACEA-POLLEN DETECTION BY LIDAR LIF Pollen Identification by insitu and LIF lidar techniques
2018 to 2020
CHARISM Development of a Novel High Spectral Resolution Lidar for Air Pollution Monitoring (CHARISM)
2018 to 2021
SAFETRANS Development of an innovative operational 3D Scanning LIDAR system for real-time meteorological and atmospheric measurements in order to increase safety and efficiency in the aviation and transportation industry (SAFE TRANS)
2018 to 2022
PANACEA Panhellenic infrastructure for atmospheric composition and climate change
2018 to 2021
ESA - AMLI 400 mJ Low Distortion Thin Disk 400 mJ Amplifier
2016 to 2018
ESA - QOMA II Q-Switched Master Oscillator based on Multidoping Nd:YAG Technology for Optoelectronics Space Applications-QOMA ΙΙ
2016 to 2018
ACTRIS II - EU - HORIZON 2020 ACTRIS ΙΙ: Aerosols, Clouds, and Trace gases Research InfraStructure Network»
2015 to 2019
GSRT : MACAVE MACAVE-Mediterranean Aerosol, Cloud Activation and Volatility Experiments
2012 to 2015
FP7 - ITARS (ITN) Initial Training for Atmospheric Remote Sensing-ITARS/Marie Curie ITN
2012 to 2016
ESA - LIVAS Lidar Climatology of Vertical Aerosol Structure for Space-Based Lidar Simulation Studies-LIVAS
2011 to 2013