Title Project Title Duration
GSRT-Greece / STRIDE HELLAS 326 Modeling of UV Solar Radiation Transfer Through Rural and Urban Atmospheres and Development of a National Network in Greece
1992 to 1994
Transport of Ozone And Stratosphere Troposphere Exchange ( TOASTE ) – European STEP ( Science and Technology for Environmental Protection ) Impact of Stratosphere-Troposphere Exchanges on the Tropospheric Ozone Budget
1990 to 1991
EC-EUREKA (EUROTRAC) / TESLAS Development of a LIDAR System for Tropospheric Ozone Studies
1986 to 1989
EC-EUROTRAC (EUREKA) Tropospheric Ozone Research (TOR) Tropospheric Ozone Monitoring (TOM) & Airborne LIDAR for Tropospheric Ozone (ALTO)
1986 to 1989