Title Project Title Durationsort descending
ACTRIS «ACTRIS: Aerosols, Clouds, and Trace gases Research InfraStructure Network
2011 to 2015
GSRT : MACAVE MACAVE-Mediterranean Aerosol, Cloud Activation and Volatility Experiments
2012 to 2015
FP7 - ITARS (ITN) Initial Training for Atmospheric Remote Sensing-ITARS/Marie Curie ITN
2012 to 2016
ACTRIS II - EU - HORIZON 2020 ACTRIS ΙΙ: Aerosols, Clouds, and Trace gases Research InfraStructure Network»
2015 to 2019
ESA - QOMA II Q-Switched Master Oscillator based on Multidoping Nd:YAG Technology for Optoelectronics Space Applications-QOMA ΙΙ
2016 to 2018
ESA - AMLI 400 mJ Low Distortion Thin Disk 400 mJ Amplifier
2016 to 2018
PANACEA-POLLEN DETECTION BY LIDAR LIF Pollen Identification by insitu and LIF lidar techniques
2018 to 2020
SAFETRANS Development of an innovative operational 3D Scanning LIDAR system for real-time meteorological and atmospheric measurements in order to increase safety and efficiency in the aviation and transportation industry (SAFE TRANS)
2018 to 2022
CHARISM Development of a Novel High Spectral Resolution Lidar for Air Pollution Monitoring (CHARISM)
2018 to 2021
PANACEA Panhellenic infrastructure for atmospheric composition and climate change
2018 to 2021