Nikolas Angelou

Curent position: 
Development Engineer
Short CV: 

Nikolas Angelou holds a Diploma in Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). During his studies he was involved in the research activities of the Laser Development and their applications laboratory, where he completed his master thesis, entitled: Statistical study of the optical properties of aerosols using the Raman Lidar technique in the atmospheric area over Athens basin, based on measurements acquired from the Laser Remote Sensing Unit (LRSU).

Currently he works as development engineer in the Test and Measurements section of the Department of Wind Energy of the Danish Technical University (DTU).  For the past 5 years he has been involved both in the development of innovative remote sensing instruments designed to measure the wind speed and direction, as well as in their application in wind energy related research projects. He is part of the WindScanner Research and Innovation team which focuses in the development of a mobile research infrastructure that can characterize the wind over complex and turbulent conditions, through the implementation of the lidar remote sensing technology.