Dr. Christofors Tsamalis

Curent position: 
Weather Scientist-Satellite Applications
Short CV: 
Christoforos holds a Diploma Degree in Applied Mathematics and Physical Sciences and a Master Degree in Mathematical Modelling in Modern Technologies and Economics both of them from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. He obtained also a Ph.D. in Environmental (Atmospheric) Sciences from the University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6), France. Christoforos started his career in Atmospheric Physics by studying the vertical distribution of aerosols and the evolution of atmospheric boundary layer over Athens using lidar measurements. His interest on mathematical description of atmospheric processes drove him to examine the diffusion of atmospheric pollutants using stochastic models. During his PhD studies in Paris, he focused on the vertical variability of tropospheric ozone and aerosols in the Mediterranean region. He used both lidar measurements and atmospheric models (dispersion, chemistry and radiative) to study radiative and transport processes (long-range transport and mountain breezes). As his interest on satellite remote sensing was increasing, he started to work on dust aerosols from satellite observations (data processing and analysis), an activity which continues to occupy him. Now, he is within the Satellite Applications team of Met Office, working on the sea surface temperature measurements taken from satellites.